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Company History
Vision and Mission
Company History





We are Philippine Blue Cross Biotech Corporation.


Our company is committed in the business of supplying medical assistance and convenience through laboratory diagnostic tests and over-the-counter means.  Through our years of operation, we have become one of the more assertive players in the pharmaceutical industry in the country, gaining the much-coveted seal of approval from trusted laboratories, clinics, hospitals and drugstores.


Today, we continue to further imprint our name by delivering top-notch service and putting a premium on anticipating our clients’ demands, thereby assuring maximum customer satisfaction.


At Blue Cross, we believe health comes first and we hope to bring that thought to the forefront in today’s society.

Vision and Mission






We aim to be the best distributor of healthcare products, committed in empowering life and well-being of our partners and consumers.


We remain committed in responding to the growing concerns of our clients by seeking innovative technology and pursuing new approaches in strategy to foster a better commitment in providing outstanding performance in the market.



We dedicate our sense of sincerity in providing the needs of the clients.


We continuously develop and provide a high standard of excellence in our products and services at a reasonable price.


We believe our people contribute to our growth and development .


We are determined to develop their talents and skills and widen their knowledge, thus raising the quality standard of work to better improve our performance and our products.







As an organization, our values are guided by: